Tamesa London Circle - Magical Ceremonies & Socials by river Thames, London

Tamesa London Circle 2013

About  Us

Mani & April - Founders of Tamesa London Circle

We founded the `Tamesa London Circle’ (ritual group that works with river Thames & lunar energies) in 2006.

Under TLC, we  began running Craft & Magic courses (indoors & outdoors) in 2008.   These are now further developed in many of our sister-websites. In addition to these, we continue to develop Hern’s Tribe- an outdoor ritual group (founded by Mani in 2004).

In 2011, on Earth Day, we set-up `Gaian Times’ - an eco-related not-for-profit Company/ Organisation. It currently publishes a free online magazine `Gaian Times’ and will develop additional eco-projects. 

We  are a little outspoken, have a strong rebellious streak, and work magically and socially for the empowerment of people - through rituals, magic and transpersonal psychology. We  follow Pagan spirituality (nature worship) and live in London, and have been very much involved in Pagan Federation London,  local pagan events, Conventions, Masked Balls, Open rituals and  festivals.


We  enjoy many creative ventures and activities -  writing, art, craft,  drumming, exploring woods and country side, astrology, gardening, website building and so on.  In addition between the two of us, we have many years of Hinduism upbringing, a Physics degree, training in Counselling skills & Transpersonal Psychology.  And of course we are both initiated Wiccans.      *Bright Blessings*..

-Mani & April

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