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Tamesa London Circle 2013

Enfield Town Circle    (ET Circle)

Enfield Town Circle (`ET Circle’) Enfield Town Circle is pagan `moot'  founded by April in 2007 and affiliated to Pagan Federation London (PF London). Initially held at the George, it is now at Crown & Horseshoes- a lovely waterside pub, with friendly staff who have comer to know us over the last few years. We often sit by the sofas near the large fire place. We tend to have debates & discussions on current pagan matters or topics of interest to members. In 2012, we're going to add some creative sharing- poetry, writing and art & craft.


When: 2nd Thursday of every month

Time: 7.30pm till about 10.30pm

Where: Crown & Horseshoes pub.15 Horseshoe Ln, Enfield, Middlesex EN2 6PZ.

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Contact April: 07854-385-214. .

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Herns Tribe logo 2013
Hern’s Tribe:

a pagan outdoor ritual group founded in 2004. Meets for pagan festivals, special rituals at Windsor Great Park, Richmond, Sherwood Forest to work mythologically empowering ceremonies. Gatherings often combine sacred fire & cooking, tribal art/craft & tool making, totemic work with animal bones, woodland quests & more.

 In HT Albion Mysteries specials, we continue to explore Mythical archetypes and tribal figures - such as such as Hern the Hunter, Robin Hood & Marion, Arthur, Merlin, Lady of the Lake, Morgana, Boudica - will all be magically explored, with a view to empowering ourselves with those energies.

We will also work psychically with the Albion-land energies, and objects/symbols we have collected from Merin's Cave, Windsor, Sherwood & Epping. These gatherings will be in a tribal outdoor setting, combining sacred fire ritual & cooking, tribal art/craft & tool making, native totemic work with animal skin/bones/skulls, woodland quests and more. Wiccans, Wizards, Druids, Tribalists, all warmly welcome. If you wish to participate in future outdoor rituals that we will be facilitating, please mail us.    Visit Hern’s Tribe website

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