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Tamesa London Circle 2013

Tamesa London Circle  : Past Events

We’ve `tried’ to create a record of the past events with exact dates. However some events between 2006-09 period are missing from this list, due to lost records. If you recall any and have details, we’d be delighted to update this record.  Thank you.


3rd March 2013

    Isidias Navigatum : Blessing of the Fleet Ceremony (Isidias Navigatum).  Ritual outline (tbc): A statue of the Goddess will be carried to the water, where flowers-wreathed women may offer mirrors so that she may see her beauty. Priests will pour milk on the sands from a pitcher shaped like Isis's breast, then  sprinkle the statue with precious perfumes. As the final part of the ritual, a small replica boat will be filled with spices and sent (out to sea) as an offering to the Goddess Isis.

7th July 2013: 

    Submerging Sekhmet - A Protection Ritual for London. Submerging Sekhmet: A Ceremony for Protection of London.  Few months ago, Caroline Wise shared a picture of a Sekhmet statue in Fellowship of Isis group ..and info about a Sekhmet statue that is supposedly submerged by Waterloo Bridge, protecting London. That has inspired this Ceremony.  We are (this week) collecting raw clay from the river Thames (Hammersmith area) and a small Sekhmet statue will be made, and left to air-dry naturally. On Sunday 7th July (evening) ..just prior to Sunset, and at low tide, we'll gather in Central London for a Ceremony, and then get down to the riverbanks to ritually submerge this Sekhmet statue.  Ceremony  facilitated by Caroline Wise & members of Fellowship of Isis..

17th November 2013:

Quests of Isis - Mourning, longing and finding of Osiris :   When her husband Osiris was tricked and killed by his brother Set, Isis was distraught. She began a quest to look for the missing body of Osiris. Upon finding it she hid it in a safe place by the river Nile. But Set found it and tore it into 14 pieces and scattered them all along the river, hoping they will be eaten by various creatures. Isis, with the help of her sister Nephthys, found all but one pieces, fashioned a phallus (missing piece) and with her magic brought Osiris to life, and united with him (to conceive Horus the falcon-headed Sun god). Soon after, Osiris descended to the Underworld to remain there and rule as its King.   This ritual enacts aspects of this mythology in ritual form.



Earth Hour Walk & social: 31st March 2012.  Tower Hill (opposite Tower of London) to London Bridge.

Earth Hour Ceremony (with PFL). Millennium Bridge / river bank. 26th March 2011.


TLC: Solar Eclipse Ritual. 11th July’10. Central London.

TLC –Craft & magic outdoor course (yr2)- May & Sept-Nov’10

TLC Wicca training /Ritual group (Oct’09- May’10).


Samhain (Halloween) ritual by the Thames (31/10/09).

TLC Craft & Magic Apprenticeship course (May-Oct’09).

Eclipse ritual by the Thames. (date?)

TLC & PFL (open ritual)- Yule’09 (Conway hall, Holborn).


TLC Craft & magic evening course (Sept-Nov 2008).

TLC Full moon walk & riverside ritual. saturday 17th May’08.

TLC: Witchcraft & Magic- 1 day workshop. Sunday 15th June’08. Central London.

TLC & PFL Earh Healing ritual - Richmond park. sat 19th April’08.

TLC: Craft & Magic - 7 week evening course (21st feb- 3rd april’08).

Masquerade Night (mask ball) - joint social with PF London. 16th Feb’08.


Thames: River of souls (scorpio darkmoon ritual). friday 9th Nov’07. Putney

Thames Isis harvest ritual & annual picnic- hampton court. 2pm. August’07

Reparing the Wyrd- 7-7-7 ritual - putney- 7th July’07. Putney.

Full Moon- Flaming arrows Ritual. 2nd June’07 by Putney bridge. .

Beltane flower ritual - Embankment gardens & Cleopatra’s needle. May’07

Full moon ritual- 2nd April’07. Hammersmith.

Full moon eclipse- Moon child & tamesa serpent Ritual. Hammersmith. Sat 3rd March’07.

Thames Treasure Trail - social . Sat 17th Feb’07.


Mask Ball: angels & demons- onboard T.S.Queen Mary. 25th nov’06.

River of Souls- Samhain ritual. 31st oct’06.

Thames Autumn Harvest Ritual. Hampton court. 23rd sept’06.

Midsummer Picnic & attunement ritual. Hammersmith. 25th june’06.

Valentine Mask Ball: theme-pirates of the thames (joint event for PF London). . onboard T.S.Queen Mary. (Waterloo pier). 11th feb’06.

Tamesa River of Souls- samhain  ritual by river Thames 2012
Tamesa: River of Souls Samhain Ritual 2012 (in Central London)

We are gathering by the river Thames on the 31st October’2012, around8pm by the Millennium Bridge (St-Paul’s side) ..for this annual ritual.  It’s an evening where you can dress up freely in your Withcy, pagan or magical robes, cloaks and attires...and be seen..  as everyone else is busy doing their fancy-dress parties in London. An opportunity not to be missed.  We will facilitate a very simple ceremony.. of creating sacred space, calling ancestral quarters in place of east, south, west & north...and honour our ancestors as well as the thousands of spirits that inhabit the river Thames (from the bodies & bones that have been thrown into Thames for many centuries...). In Greek mythology, Charon the ferryman sails souls of the dead across river Styx to the Underworld (he requires coins as payment).  So for this night, river Thames (meaning `dark one’) stands in for river Styx, and as token gesture for our ancestors’ spirits, we will offer small coins into Thames..

TLC eclipse ritual july10

Craft & Magic Courses’-craft-magic-course-mani

In 2008 & 2009, we started facilitating indoor & outdoor Craft & Magic courses and workshops. These are now fully developed. Visit for full details.

Masked Balls & Socials: TLC has facilitated stand-alone Masked Balls on the Thames (onboard The Queen Mary), and also ran joint Balls with Pagan Federation London (PF London). In total here have been 3 (Pirates of the Thames, Angels & Demons Gothic Ball, Masquerade Ball). TLC is also fond of having river-side picnics, walks & socials (rowing at Richmond). In addition in the Summer of 2008, we organised a trip to the source of the river Thames, for a special ritual.

`Treasures of Tamesis’ (art & craft)-an art & craft venture by TLC (2006-2008), with its members making tribal jewellery from animal bones & other coins/artefacts found on the banks of the Thames. (We found some artefacts collected from Thames to be intensely psychically active, and had to listen to our intuition and the spirits, and return them to the river in october’07, in 2 private rituals).. Look out for our tamesa tribal jewellery worn by many people in the London pagan events

Durga in Thames: (2006) A first time event took place on the banks of the river Thames in London on the 2nd October 2006. Various biodegradable statues of Durga and other goddesses were immersed ritually in the Thames. This followed the Hindu Goddess festival of Navarathri (9 nights) where the tripple goddessess for education, wealth, power (Saraswathy, Lakshmi, Durga) are worshiped. Hindus and staff of British Museum (which ran a 2 month exhibition in aug-sept 2006) witnessed this event along with hundreds of passers by, TV crew and journalist.

The event was televised on national news on the same evening.. Here are some early photos we took. (TLC founders Mani & April were there to participate. Their photos appeared in the `Evening Standard’- seen pushing the statues into the deeper areas of the river).

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